Chef gaffo at key lime cove sucks

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When I first started working for this chef I was so excited, world renowned , teacher, 25 years in the industry.HA !

The first month I worked for him there was a banquet for 50 people who did a tasting a Month earlier and decided on sirloin for there event. When it came time for there dinner in order to save two bucks a plate he served them improperly cooked skirt steaks. People were actually spitting the food into there napkins. I felt so bad for the people who booked the event .

Then , there was a family picnic set up for employees, I swear that I would not have fed that gruel to my dog. There was no effort , almost like he really did not care, or was too thick to realize how horrible it all really was .during another event he tried to feed me a raw piece of pork tenderloin, I handed it back to him he threw it back in the oven .45 minutes later the pork had to go back in the oven after it was served still raw, at a family party. Most recently I pointed out to the CHEF some issues with his cooler no labels, no dates ,mysterious fungus growing ,meat with no labels that was going to be served and no one even knew when it had been cooked. Like I said ,I was excited at first , but after one month I realized this guy probably has no idea what he is doing.

All these things , plus a host of other unprofessional moments, just led to a supreme let down. It was an eye opening experience .

I never wanted to believe that people like that get ahead, but alas, he still has his job and I have since resigned my position.Ce la vie, lessons learned

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